Cities in the State of Ohio

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In the state of Ohio there are 246 cities, along with 681 villages. The population of these cities range from over 800,000 in Columbus, which is the capital of the state, to just 36 people living in the village of Rendville. Many cities, such as Akron were centers of industry which contributed to the substantial growth in the population. At one time, Akron was the fastest growing city in America because of the rubber tire industry. Some industries have left these cities due to economic conditions. To compensate the loss of industry, these cities have focused on the arts, education and technology to keep vibrant.
Here is a look at just five of the largest cities in Ohio. Added will be a little information in what they have to offer from the arts, to professional sports, to just the beauty of their rebuilding and venturing into the 21st century.


A look at downtown Akron.


NBA star of the world champions Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team was born and raised in Akron.


In the downtown area of Akron, an area was developed to bring people into the city for free concerts and outdoor activities including ethnic festivals.


an old painting of Akron as it looked in 1870, but is now home to over 200,000 people.


another view of Cleveland. Home of the Cleveland Browns football team, the Cleveland Indians baseball team and the world champions Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.


The term rock and roll began in Cleveland


Years ago, this river caught on fire because of the pollution in it. The city since has cleaned it up and made the area a tourist attraction with many stores and entertainment revenues.


Cleveland as it was in the past, but now home to nearly half a million people.


This is the capital city of the state of Ohio.


One of the largest universities in the United States.


The stadium holds over 105,000 people for sporting and other events. The Ohio State football program is one of the best in the country.


Columbus in the past, but now home to over 800,000 people.


Cincinnati is located in the south-west part of the state along side the Ohio River.


In the center of this aerial view, you will see the stadiums of the Cincinnati Bengals football team and the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.


A painting of Cincinnati in the 1800`s and home of around 300,000 people.


Toledo and the Maumee River in the winter. you can see the ice on the river.


Toledo is now home to over 280,000 people.



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From the past, Akron was a major site for the development of blimps.

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Since the decline of the rubber industry, the city of Akron along with the University of Akron have become a world leader in polymer research.