Funny Riddles

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Life is very beautiful and all of us want to enjoy all moments of our life in great way. You can get many great things from your life if you are happy and if you have time to enjoy life. Enjoyment is very important for good life. When You have all the good things in life you can enjoy with your life. There are many people who are sad in life and need someone who can bring smile and happiness on their face.
Riddle is a statement and question which you ask from someone having answer in the question and only intelligent people are able to answer that question. There are hundred and thousands of the riddles which brings smile on your face and can make you happy as well. Riddles are one of the way you can understand the quality and leaning abilities of others and they make you special and also increase your knowledge. Those people are always considered as intelligent people who understand all the riddles...
In this article you will see funny riddles you can download these and can share them with others as well. These all are the bets collections of the Funny Riddles.