Rain Falling Best Collection Images

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Rain is one of the greatest blessing of the Lord. We are living in this world where we have great blessings and rain is one of those blessings. It make you happy and brings smile on your face. In this article you will see rain falling images. You can download these and can share them with others as well.
From psychological point of view, rainfall has some bad effects too. You are most likely to stay in during rainfall. That means less socializing and more alone time. This could cause depression and frustration. Not being able to go out as you want makes you feel angry. From biological point of view, if you are to go out during rainfall, there are pretty much chances of catching a flu or cold if you get wet. Your body would have to heat up more than normal to keep you warm which means extra metabolic activities and more hunger for starch food contributing to weight gain.
No matter what the pros and cons of rainfall are, it is a natural phenomenon necessary for the survival of living organisms. We should try to get as much benefit from it as possible and take protective measures against the harmful effects.