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For all those who are keeping an eye on the Kashmir issue... I'm being as frank as I can here.

Disclaimer: I'm not against any Pakistani common man, there are lots and lots of nice people. I'm only against their government and possibly, their state-funded terrorism (which is harming themselves like a parasite).
All I wish for is world peace. I'm not speaking for anybody, just stating the facts.

It's pure hypocrisy by the separatists. Everyone forgot the help the Indian Army lent during floods, everyone forgot the rescue operations. The army men provided them with supplies, and at some places they even laid down to make a man-bridge for the victims to cross over safely. The separatist leaders (I doubt that they have a secret alliance with either the Pakistan government or the terrorists or both) are sending their children to safe places like Britain and installing the feeling of hatred in the minds of the locals, making them pelt stones at public property and at the army men.

They say that they can survive without the aid from the Indian government, but as of now, it's far from reality. If it does happen, then they are the ones who will face the blow. Being a part of India, Kashmiris have very good facilities. For example, there is a separate quota for Kashmiri immigrant students in any Indian state. They are just being brainwashed by the above suspected groups.

There came a news some months ago that a woman was raped by a personnel from the Indian army. There was a lot of media coverage. But later, the woman herself admitted that the rapist was not a soldier, but a localite from her village. Our sold out prestitute media didn't cover this much.

There have also been speculations that Pakistan government or their army (which isn't totally controlled by the government) might be persuading the localites to protest in order to seek revenge against India for liberating Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) from Pakistan. If you aren't aware, Western Pakistan didn't take good care of Bangladesh...they were called names and insulted. If you ask today's old Bangladeshis, you'll come to know that they never felt like they were a part of Pakistan, but very isolated. India and Bangladesh are currently benifitting each other through trade relations (jute textile, gas pipeline connections, high speed internet - upcoming project etc.).

At the end of the day, International borders are only man-made boundaries. There should be no hate. By destroying public property, they are incurring a loss to themselves. I hope that these protestors realize the truth as early as possible and let this drama end.